For the purpose of FAQ's, the general term decorative glass is used to cover all types of glass that I manufacture including:- traditional stained glass, leaded lights, etched and sandblasted glass, fused glass, painted and enamelled kiln fired glass.

  1. What type of work do you undertake?
    I manufacture decorative glass for domestic and commercial property. My commissions range from a single decorative glass panel to large projects from conservatories and porches to public houses, hotels, restaurants, bars, universities, schools, sporting clubs, churches, synagogues, mosques and even a prison.
  2. How long have you been doing this?
    Over 30 years.
  3. Can I have a decorative glass window?
    Yes. I can manufacture to any size or shape you require, for example for a door panel.
  4. How do I go about getting a decorative glass window?
    Contact me to discuss your requirements.
  5. My project is a curved/arched/unusual shape, is that a problem?
    No problem. I can always make a template for a particular shape.
  6. What sort of design can I have?
    Any design at all. I can advise on the various techniques to achieve your objective.
  7. Do you have designs I can look at?
    Yes. There are a few pictures of my work in the galleries of this website. In addition, I can show you thousands of photos of my previous work at my studio.
  8. Can you match up existing designs I have in my house?
    Yes. I can match the designs you have and usually get a good match for the colours, however, some textures of old glass are no longer manufactured but I can show you a range of alternatives.
  9. Can I choose the colours I want?
    Yes, I have hundreds of samples available to choose from.
  10. Is it possible to include fine detail in the design?
    Yes. I can show you examples of what detail can be achieved in glass using painting, etching and fusing techniques.
  11. My window frame is divided into sections, can you still do an overall design in decorative glass?
    Yes. I can always do scale drawings to help you visualise the finished project..
  12. I have seen a design I like, can you copy it?
    Yes. I will also work to your own design if you want to do one.
  13. Can I have decorative glass in an unorthodox setting, as a garden sculpture or skylight for example?
    Yes. Attention must be paid to safety and the manner of fixing the glass.
  14. Can I have my decorative glass encapsulated in a double glazed unit?
    Yes. I can supply the decorative glass in a double glazed panel, in effect a triple glazed panel.
  15. Do you install the decorative glass?
    Yes. I can install if you wish, deliver to you or you can collect from the workshop.
  16. Which areas do you cover?
    All areas of the UK. Many of my works have been exported as far away as China, Japan, Australia, USA and most European countries.
  17. How much will it cost?
    All prices are based on the size and complexity of the work. Contact me with an outline of your project for a ball park estimate.